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Drawing by Karen Kondek

Back to basics

I am a retired educator whose greatest wish when I retired was to learn to use watercolors.

I had never taken an art class in my life despite always sketching when I had time.

When I became aware of the challenges of using watercolors, I needed to really focus on my drawing skills. I read what I can find, and I try various exercises but I know that learn best when I have a planned course and clear understanding of the outcomes.

I am hoping that Drawing Academy will provide me with that foundation.

I think that my art skills would benefit from taking the Drawing Academy course as it appears your approach is similar to my needs. I am particularly interested in how important value is in both drawing and watercolor and need help there.

I’m not certain who would vote for me or why, I just know that I would be thrilled beyond belief and appreciate anyone who voted for me. And they should know that I would utilize the program and would not waste anyone’s vote.

Drawing by Karen Kondek

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