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Artwork by Raymond R. Hooper

The simple dignity of the past

I am a 75 year old retired man. I have dabbled in art all of my life but was not able to dedicate much time to it. Now that I am retired and less able to do the landscaping and home improvement work I used to enjoy, I have more time for art.

It is now one of the few things I can accomplish to gain personal satisfaction. I would, of course, like to get better in my art and even imagine I might someday sell some of my work and recoup some of the expenses I spent to create it.

I have taken one of the Drawing Academy’s free courses and found it very helpful and enjoyable.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course for all of the above and for the pride of my work being acknowledged.

People should not vote for me; they should vote for my work, they should do that if they like art, if they like my art and if they think my art deserves recognition and the opportunity to improve.

Artwork by Raymond R. Hooper

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