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Charcoal Painting

Charcoal Painting

Story and artwork from Francis Ian Anino

Francis Ian Anino is a true-blooded Filipino immigrated to Alaska and found his true love – ART! His Filipino heritage brings out a different taste of art – soulful and value-driven! His arts reflect different values such as honesty, peace, calmness, and gratitude which make his arts more soul gratifying. Each stroke depicts the message/story behind the artpiece as vividly displayed in the eyes and in the facial expressions exuding emotions and attitudes. The different values of the shades just perfectly blend which is a manifestation of the inner personality of Ian who, despite the difficult transition from his culture way different than here, also blends nicely and beautifully in his new environment gracefully embracing changes and difficulties.

Ian has a very unique way of drawing with charcoal! Instead of using stamps for blending charcoal, he is using different sizes of brushes which give that smooth texture of his drawings. He is painting not to mix colors but to blend charcoal to make different values of shade. He named this practice as “Charcoal Painting”.

Ian has gained invaluable commendations/appreciations from people whom he made commissioned arts with. Ian’s passion now even grows more, thirsting for more techniques and destined to explore incorporating arts and other disciplines that can bring out social, cultural, and global issues or awareness in the most artistic, and unique way.

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