5 Well-paid careers for people who like to draw

5 Well-paid careers for people who like to draw

The story of “starving artists” seems to be no longer a popular trope in modern society. While many traditional jobs become obsolete and human labour gets replaced by machines, creativity and the mastery of drawing are among the most-wanted competences for leading tech-companies, start-ups, and organizations.

1. Graphic designer

Average salary: £27,500 per year

Graphic designers work on web-sites, advertising posters, product packaging, bespoke presentations, corporate exhibitions, and displays. To create original brand identity, logos and signs, they must possess exceptional visual communication skills and be able to use different drawing techniques, both on paper and using computer software. The good news is that you may break into the world of graphic design even without prior working experience in the field – many companies offer paid internships and junior positions for talented applicants with drawing skills.

2. Illustrator

Average salary: £29,350 per year

Illustrators help companies and brands build trustworthy relationships with customers by visualizing stories, communicating certain messages and spreading ideas. They usually work on greeting cards, posters, books, animations and advertisements on a freelance-basis (but there are also in-house positions available). As a rule, to get a job as an illustrator, you should prepare your portfolio before-hand and know how to work with computer-aided design (CAD) applications.

3. Interior designer

Average salary: £37,000 per year

If you have a passion for residential design, you may join one of the close-knit architecture teams. Interior designers hand-sketch room layouts and then create functional indoor spaces with the help of AutoCAD, SketchUp and Photoshop. To meet each client’s specific needs, every designer should be a strong communicator, know how to perfectly balance functionality with aesthetics and plan a timeline for project completion. The best route in interior design is to create a solid portfolio and find your first junior position at a firm.

4. Art therapist

Average salary: £35,232 per year

Art therapists use their skills and experience in drawing to help clients in the process of self-expression, stress relief, anxiety and addiction management, development of social skills. They practice in both traditional and non-traditional working settings, including rehabilitation units, hospitals, wellness centres, schools and research facilities. Yet, this career path is not only about your drawing and interpersonal skills. To successfully integrate counselling into your practice, you might have to undergo professional training in psychotherapy.

5. Art Teacher

Average salary: £34,020 per year

Teaching certainly has its ups and downs, but if you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, this job may best suit you. Art teachers are often involved not only in teaching students how to draw but also in planning lessons and classroom projects, making sure they have sufficient art supplies, attending staff meetings and carrying out administrative tasks. Depending upon the level and age of students, you should be ready to discuss different art concepts and history behind techniques, apply the variety of materials and styles.

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