Channeling Those Who Went Before

Channeling Those Who Went Before

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Artwork and story from Diane Ackley

Growing up in Clare, Michigan, USA, I never even attempted drawing. While I was in the sixth grade, I did realize that I could write, and I continued writing voraciously for several years. When I went to Central Michigan University, I studied creative and copywriting, but I wound up working first in Desktop Publishing and later in Administration and Software Support. My writing tapered off (I guess I was afraid I’d fail).

Later, I fell in love and married the love of my life, and we had a son who’s now 22 years old. I’ve always considered him an artist, as he can draw and plays guitar and bass. My husband also plays guitar. I, however, was merely a frustrated writer.

During the past 4 years, my life has changed again. After retiring to take care of my parents’ affairs before their deaths, I began drawing. It was just for fun, but my in-laws and others were very supportive. Since then, I’ve been trying to hone my ability and learn more about drawing and painting. At about the same time, my aunt (Dad’s sister) passed away. She was an artist her entire life, and I felt the call to art afterward. Sometimes I feel as though I’m channeling her talent.

I’m very interested in winning the Drawing Academy course because I want to learn more to make my drawing come to life. I’ve seen some of the videos, and I’m looking forward to learning more. I also would like to have constructive insight into what I can do better.

I hope people vote for me because they like my art and would like to see more of it as it progresses.

Thanks for your time.

Diane Ackley

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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