I want to move up

I want to move up

Artwork and story from Lukas Amovich

I was born in Europe, but after moving to Canada, I started interesting in art and even visited several art workshops locally. The irony is that those teachers are self-taught and despite being accomplished artists, they could not give me good education. Last year, I moved to a different province, but there the situation with art education is no better.

I ended up with looking on the Internet to find some drawing courses that can help.

The Drawing Academy looks like a solid course with tutors who know the skills of craft, and that is why I would like to get this course. The best thing for me in this course is that I can receive critique on my art. My previous teachers could only tell me “well done” regardless how bad my drawings were. After checking the Drawing Academy articles with critique, I see that the teacher-student communication can be very different. Drawing Academy teachers are not afraid to tell what is wrong with students’ art and how to fix those mistakes. This is exactly what I need at this time – someone who can guide me on my mistakes and teach me how to avoid them.

I enjoyed drawing in my childhood. After high school, I was unsure what to do and went to to study engineering. After several years, I left the profession as I felt I needed to create something of my own creative projects; which I disregarded for a good portion of my life. I’m currently working full time and whatever time left dedicate to drawing. I would like to find a good balance where I have time to draw and learn artistic skills. My goal is to gain the artistic mastery to pivot my life toward that aspect of my earlier life.

I have watched some videos on YouTube to gain an idea of the basics but need feedback and feel like I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like.

So, that’s whey I would like to win this course. Also, I really want this digital drawing table they offer this time. I used to scribble some digital stuff, but the pen display will be a step up in my skills and tools!

Thank you

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