Chance to learn good technics

Chance to learn good technics

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Artwork and story from I. Khan


I am an artist from the Netherlands my name is I. Khan. I come from an mixed culture, the Netherlands and India. Art is my talent as it is also in the family as my older sister teaches art at the art academy. I have studied at the Dutch art academy for one year. There I learned many technics. Art means so much for me I had some hart times as my oldest sister recently passed away she said your art are great don’t give up. I was so touched that I am now making my paintings flow with positive bright colors.

In my recent artworks I use different materials like beads and paste with oil paint, metalic acrylic, pastels, watercolor, markers etc. I use images to make my own design. Mostly i work on canvas-board or pastel paper and watercolor paper.

Every change I take if its true an competition this is the way that I learn more. Art makes me feel good and proud in my daily live. The challenges in art mostly online or true competitions and expositions in the Netherlands. I still want to learn portrait that I find difficult and it is so interesting I think the Drawing Academy is a great chance for me to learn good technics. I would like to win the Drawing Academy course to develop my art skills to make my dream come closer maybe I can teach art to others. People should vote for me as I am a good artist try to find my way in the art world as I don’t get help or support art is in my heart and my dream to make other people happy. Hope you vote for me.


I. Khan

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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