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Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise

From Micheal Smith (Mishy)

I have recently discovered my passion for visual arts once again as I hadn’t produced a piece of work for over 20 years until now. I wanted to experience life before I would restart my work. I certainly have done that now what I’ve learnt is life is all about cycles its ups and downs it’s love and heart breaks. I’ve certainly had my share as I have been a widow for over seven years now. Acceptance forgiveness and self love is the key to happiness. With creativity I fill my own cup when I draw. And when I’m happier I’m at my best so I’m able to help others as it doesn’t drain my energy this way. I’m able to completely express myself without any rules or anyone telling me what to do this is very empowering to me especially in today’s society when you’re told you’re wrong or it’s not good enough always looking for more. With Art, I’m in charge of it, I’ll edit it if I want to it’s my sacred place and where I fully connect with my soul and be as one with the universe.

Soft pastels are my favourite tool however I would love to be able to also sketch and find detail and also paint and find details like the greatest of all time.

I would love to win the competition to learn new skills and create a new masterpiece to share with the world I believe I still have the skills I did from when I was a teenager and I would regret it if I do not do something now even if I don’t win I will absolutely continue.

People should vote for me because I have so much love to give through my artwork and to send a message it’s never too late to start again with a dream or goal. This is my dream and it is now my reality, winning would really help fine tune my natural abilities and would be truly grateful.

The challenges that I find in visual arts is knowing that there are different materials mediums and techniques out there that I don’t know about or have experimented with. This is what I would love to learn the most as I feel like a kid in a candy store when I step into a visual arts shop .

What I love about the drawing Academy is the fine detail in care of technique and information on the task at hand. I love the value of giving back by giving people a chance to win the competition to learn amazing skills with their own passion.

I’ve also added a news paper clipping of my best work back in 1998 as teenager published in 1999. This is where I had stopped and the magic laid Dominant.

“I’ve now observed and dreamed enough in life, it’s time to create my reality”
– Mishy

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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