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Beth Stamp

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I am mostly self-taught. I have had some watercolor online classes but sketching is new to me. My lack of experience with sketching has been a stumbling block but still, I persist.

Art has opened my eyes as I look at everything in a new way; the shape, the color, the value, and a new vocabulary. I look forward to my time with pencil and brush each day, looking for new things to learn and put to paper.

Presently, I focus on portraits, The portrait I have submitted is of my son and depicts him when he was here and his fading into the spirit.

My biggest challenges are creating portraits that resemble the subject; the look in their eyes, the tilt of their head, and the shadows that bring them to life.

The Drawing Academy provides an avenue for me to learn and appreciate and a source of encouragement to continue and persevere.

I would appreciate winning the Drawing Academy course to learn things that slip by when you do not have knowledge of basic drawing techniques.

I guess I would ask people to vote for me so I can continue where the submitted portrait leaves off and allow me to continue to grow.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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