Homage to Grandpa

Homage to Grandpa

Portrait by Marc, Drawing Academy student

My grandfather passed away before I was born. I only know him through a few photographs so, in an effort to get to know him better, I decided to attempt to draw a portrait of him, though I realize that drawing from photographs is less than ideal and frowned upon. I still felt compelled to attempt it. But using the academy’s construction and rendering methods (I will email a series of images showing the various stages to you) to replicate his image, I was able to render a very good likeness.

It was necessary to bend the rules a little because he was beginning to look more like a Greek statue than my grandfather whose features are unique to him. I am still refining my skills and technique. Before taking your course, blending with a stump was part of the process. Now that I have taken the course, I applied only hatching and cross-hatching techniques, though many series of strokes were long, light, and soft. I don’t know if there are hard and fast rules where fine artwork must exhibit only certain style strokes or if it is a matter of personal preference and ranges from one fine artist to the next. I have seen some fine artists’ works whose styles are very unique and personal. Some examples are Denis Chernov and Joseph Brickey. I seem to be discovering my own style which is bringing me the most joy. But I don’t know if that makes me more or less like a fine artist.

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