Balance of Creation and Destruction

Balance of Creation and Destruction

Story and artwork from Sarayu

My Name is Sarayu Santhosh, an 18 year old self taught artist from India who aspires to be a psychologist who heals people with art. Art takes the first and foremost place in my life, I cannot imagine a day where I don’t do draw or express myself.

My biggest challenge is live studies and expanding my creative horizon to express myself ith integrity. I want to learn to think more creatively and break away from stereotypical societal views and create one f my own.

The Drawing Academy is very informative and creatively helpful every-time i have turned to here for knowledge of art. I want to win the Drawing Academy course to show myself that I can do it. Most of all, I don’t think o believe people should vote for me for anything, but if they think I can do what I want with my art.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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