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Artwork by Ute Fritzkowski

Artwork by Ute Fritzkowski

I want to learn

My name is Ute and I am from Germany. I have been drawing and photographing for a long time now, on and off. I also trained as a kind of camera and editing assistant for TV and played around with 3D-Programs a bit.

But I am seriously lacking in life drawing skills and everything concerning colored work. I never had real training in drawing or painting, just some books and youtube over the last years. Everything I did so far was using photographs and grids. But this reaches its limits pretty soon.

I would like to study the underlying theory of sizing, anatomy, painting techniques, brushwork and so on, the basics. I then can maybe start to develop my own style instead of just trying to copy photographs.

I think the Drawing Academy course provides a wide range of things to learn and go deep in the material. It is also important to me that my work will get a feedback from teachers and other students, so I can build on faults I myself don’t even see and also learn from the different perspectives of others.

I live in the countryside and it is hard here to find live art courses, and they are often very expensive while only covering beginner levels or very narrow fields. Online work it perfect, because I don’t have to travel and can work at my own pace.

Why people should vote for me? I don’t know, I don’t think I have any reason better or worse than everyone else, other than I can’t afford it otherwise. I don’t have a job at the moment for health reasons, and getting better at drawing and painting might also better my chances on the job market. But this is a minor speculation, mainly I want to do it for my own, to get better and work on my skills. Learning never ends, more so in art than in anything else.

Thank you,

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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