Artwork by Tetiana Sharanutsa

Artwork by Tetiana Sharanutsa

Sketch of the modern Thinker


My name is Tetiana and I am from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

I don’t have academic drawing education and actually I don’t have any art education at all, but I like drawing and painting very much escpecially watercolor paintings and sketches. I want to learn how to do this professionally.

I think that Drawing Academy is a great opportunity for me, because I don’t have time and possibility to attend drawing courses. So the online education is the best variant for me. And I think that Drawing Academy is a very good user friendly educational online resource with professional tutors.

I want to paint and draw beautiful paintings to show the beauty of our world, our nature, people around us to evoke good feelings.

Thanks for your votes!

Artwork by Tetiana Sharanutsa

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