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Thank God for art

Thank God for art

I have a BS degree in music Education and bass trombone performance from Jacksonville State University and studied Art at the University of Alabama where I was awarded a full tuition scholarship my first semester I had solo shows in the Gadsden Museum of Fine At and The Tuscaloosa Council of Fine Art gallery. I am a recovering stroke victim. I had a massive stroke that took away my entire left side I was a professional bass trombone player which ended.

I was also doing art as much as I could but as a result of my stroke I lost the ability to think on a higher level therefore I was at a loss about how to start. My son and wife kept trying to get me to paint and one day I started and a whole new world came back to me, I suddenly remembered color theory and even the names of the brushes.

Now my wife had the garage enclosed for me a studio and I have started oils which I never had used before. It is amazing the human brain and how it can rewire itself. I need to keep my focus on skills right now and a course of study would help Stroke recovery is a massive undertaking and I could use help from wherever.

Thank God for art

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