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Artwork by Seyed Amin Bagheri

Artwork by Seyed Amin Bagheri

Art is a reflection of life

Artwork by Seyed Amin Bagheri

I present most of my ideas in various Media. As an interdisciplinary artist, I have a critical viewpoint upon my surroundings and may take different issues into consideration; however, there is a close connection between image, imagination, signs, language, philosophy, and society.

I can investigate my personal ideas and ideologies in the milieu through art. Art is a reflection of life, culture of the community, and my ambitions. I might manipulate the position of some elements or diminish their apparent simplicity but I am always influenced by the environment and I endeavor to refer to social points which may be strange and also interesting for the people in other parts of the world. I always try to have creativity by the manipulation of perceptible facts surrounding me.

To be honest, I as a Middle Eastern citizen make an attempt to be inspired by the exotic social and cultural conditions. It is to be mentioned that I consider the culture and art origins of my country; however, I tend to ponder upon the issues of contemporary human beings by the language of art. In order to do this, I do not seek to find answers about the conditions of my environment. Rather, I am willing to propose questions about them. I like encountering with people and I try to attain a better perception of each person I confront. Moreover, the nature is strongly inspiring for me.

I pursue the display of the differences between the intangible contrasts in the phenomena of the environs. I opt most of my ideas in the society; therefore, I seek to work in a new environment in order to augment my experiences by meeting new cultures, artists, and people therefore, open a new page by the inspiration of new situations.

Titles are of high importance in my works because they are formed by a targeted, deliberate transformation. I always get involved in language-as an active element in men’s life- and its aspects in spoken, written, and sometimes in form of acting which is a universal language (body language).

This is why I ponder through art and it is a means to converse with myself and the world around, conversation which may not lead to an instructive or actual conclusion but reveals our way of thinking and imagination. Furthermore, it pictures the obscure borders of our own worlds.


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