Drawing by A.R.

Drawing by A.R.

Men’s best friend

Drawing by A.R.

Hello! This is my artwork and I want to tell about myself.

I love drawing very much. I’m drawing when I have free time in my notebooks and everywhere I can.

I think drawing is a good way for self-expression and to show other peoples what I think.

For me, drawing is more than art; this is my hobby. My skills are not very good and I don’t have much time for it. However, I have many original ideas to express in art and want to improve my drawing skills.

I want to bring my drawing skills on a new level. I want to learn how to draw what is on my mind, to learn techniques of drawing, shading methods, how to draw portraits, architecture, and all that need to know to be a good artist.

I think that Drawing Academy is a good place to learn all about art and become a better artist.

My challenge is to prove myself that I can do this and learn that what I want.

I want to win this drawing course because I think this is my chance to bring my dream in reality.

If you like my artwork, please vote for me. I think my friends will help me in this competition.

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