Artwork by Ruben Jasso

Artwork by Ruben Jasso

My time that I spend in art makes me feel better from the cares of every day life. Born in Texas I know Robert E Howard also was and he created Conan. Now I just draw Fantasy Art.and I want to win to learn better ways to improve my art. I hope I can follow the rules. i don’t know what it is in art but its for me. I am asking you to Vote for me I use to be in drawing maps for surveying now I am on ssi and have lots of free time to show that I can still be creative.

I have been trying to get into art but am impatient and had a car accident wich makes my hand tremble. if you see the art I draw I like to draw warrior women. I think the world about the drawing academy me Also I would study all the lessons.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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