A Long Road To Get Here

A Long Road To Get Here

Artwork by Deanna-Marie

I am a college student about to graduate with my bachelor’s. I’m also a mom and for the past four years I out my artwork on the back burner for my education and because I thought my abilities weren’t enough. Art has always been my favorite activity.

I started getting into art when I was in fourth grade and it blossomed from there. Eventually I was in high-school where I entered competitions and the AP selection. However, I always felt like my art style never truly could compared to those around me. School competitions we’re mainly realism whereas my style was still developing and realism wasn’t exactly my strong point. My last year in high-school I discovered my talent for placing colors in a way that it looked real but still felt like my own style. At this point though, I was graduating and also expecting my son. I tried over the next four years to draw but I felt defeated and didn’t give myself time to discover new talents. Finally, I gained inspiration while attending an art auction at an anime convention. I picked up a paintbrush and pencil after that and haven’t looked back.

I’ve been trying to teach myself the fundamentals of anatomy and how to really capture images from my imagination and put them on paper. It’s hard, it really is, especially when I have little time every day.

When I found the Drawing Academy I had hope I could truly develop my skills without having to pay extreme amounts of money or attend classes where I might be uncomfortable. I think it is an amazing thing.

I want to win because then I would have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills to make my art more amazing. I hope people will see the passion I put into my work and know that I really truly love to do what I do.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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