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Artwork by Richard Vander Meulen

Artwork by Richard Vander Meulen

Jesus saying come follow Me

I am a retired architect and have enjoyed art my whole career. Prior to my career I enjoyed art as a child and often did drawings of dogs, horses and even street maps. Even back then my parents encouraged me to continue doing art works. Over the years I have acquired watercolor, oil paints and pastels such that many are plus forty years old and still useable. In the last three years I have pursued doing more sketching and painting than ever before. For me art, in particular watercolor, oil and chalk art evangelism, have become full time endeavors. Sometimes I struggle with proportions so one of my biggest goals is to have better control in that area. I also love to do oil and even watercolor portraits even though watercolor is a tough medium but simply look at it as a challenge. During my career as an architect I also did watercolor and acrylic renderings.

I have not had the opportunity to go to an art school so basically I am self taught and using the talents given to me by God.

From what I have seen on the Drawing Academy website I feel I could even become more accomplished as an artist.

I would love to win the competition because I think I could learn so much more through the Drawing Academy but I simply can not afford any kind of art programs.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course so I can become a better artist and in so doing use the talent God has provided to glorify His name. I want my art to be a blessing and an encouragement to others.

From what I can tell the Drawing Academy has great tutors who spend quality time with the work submitted for guidance and critique I enjoy having a critique of my work because so much more understanding of Drawing and art concepts can be acquired.

I would hope that many people would enjoy my work and receive a blessing from it such that they would vote for me making me eligible to be one of the winners of the competition.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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