Artwork by MartaLBB, Drawing Academy student

Artwork by MartaLBB, Drawing Academy student

A step forward

I am in a moment of doubt of how to go on with a drawing. Should I let as it is now? Should I use some color?

Artwork by MartaLBB, Drawing Academy student

I would like to put some color, but should I use another kind of paper?

If I want to use watercolor or acrylic ink what kind of paper is better? And what watercolors or inks brand to use?

Does anyone have experience with this problem?

Thank you

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  1. Drawing Academy says:

    I like the originality of your drawing, well done.

    Regarding your questions about color and materials, the best way to find out what is right for you is to try artworks in full color and see how you like the result.

    Art materials are easier to solve – if you paint in watercolor, go for the best watercolor paper you can get – it should be 100% cotton, acid free from a recognizable brand. Rough, Cold Pressed (NOT) or Hot Pressed is up to you. 300gsm would do, although you may like 600gsm (more expensive though).

    In watercolor materials, high quality paper is the must; followed by good brushes and then by paints.

    I do not advocate any particular brands. Chose professional quality rather than student one. I’m currently writing the whole book about watercolor materials and techniques and will publish the info when available.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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