Artwork by Sophie H.

Artwork by Sophie H.

Artwork by Sophie H.Hi, my name’s Sophie and I’m 15 years old.

I’ve never had art lessons and am completely self taught. Art takes up quite a big part of my life. I currently do GCSE art in school and get a tonne of coursework so I don’t have much time to draw freely. Although when I do have time to draw I like to enter competitions, doodle in my sketchbook and stalk artists on instagram:).

One of the biggest challenges I face in art is originality. I constantly have to be looking up references online to get a drawing done and I have never made an original piece (all of my work has used photo references).

I would love to try surrealism but as of now I know that would never work as I’d be looking for references for days before I find something suitable.

I would love to learn to draw figures. I would also love to learn to oil paint, the amount of detail you can achieve in oils has always fascinated me.

I think Drawing Academy is a great course to help beginners and skilled artists alike in improving their skills.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course as it would help me with my inability to draw without a photo reference. People should vote for me because I can achieve much more in the future and this course would help.
Thanks for reading.

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