Painting by Litsa Raftopoulou

Painting by Litsa Raftopoulou

The Beauty of my soul painting with colors!

I started painting in October 2013 in the municipality where I live.

Painting by Litsa Raftopoulou

1) I participated for the first time in the Drawing Academy Art Competition and won the art course with my painting “The Innocence” – //

2) In December 2014 I participated in an International competition in Florence. (Firenze, Italy) with my painting “Flavor of Greece” I won the second Runner – up of International Art and Design Competition 2014, May 7, 2015.

My prize was a scholarship covering 50% of tuition fees at Accademia Riaci in the Academic year of 2015. Unfortunately, because of bad financial situation, which is tough for all Greek people, I was not able to take the course.

I am 57 years old and painting makes me feel as a teenager, fills my soul and mind, and brings beautiful emotions. My dream is to study arts. Here, in my country we say : “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE”. I love classical art. I would like to study the traditional oil painting techniques of the Old Masters.

I thank you from my heart for this Academy course.

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