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Artwork by Kumari Vandana Singh (Vandie)

Art is a mirror of the mind

Artwork by Kumari Vandana Singh (Vandie)I am a part time tutor by profession and have a passion for art. I have been painting since I was a child and never went away from it. My creativity did not stop there. I participated in various inter school competitions for creative writing and this helped me write poetry, short stories and articles. I have also participated in art competitions when I was a student and won a few of them. Art and creative writing gives my life a sense of direction and helps me feel relaxed after work.

I was never able to learn art in a professional environment as I was more focused on studies when I was a student and then my focus turned to my Job. I teach myself while learning from my own mistakes and constantly trying to improve the next time I paint. But there is always a feeling that there is something missing in my painting.

The real challenge I face in drawing is getting architectural shapes in correct proportion for anatomy also shading/layers sometimes go wrong or the image looks flat. I lack the professional techniques in my art works and have always felt the need to learn them to help me draw and paint correctly.

Art comes naturally to some people and when combined with learning in a professional environment can do wonders. One of the ways to make this possible is to enrol in an art academy or art school. This is why I really want to win the art academy course, as this will help me fill those gaps which I have in my existing skills. The art courses I have looked earlier are out of my reach as they are very expensive and getting this platform will surely help me improve my drawing skills. It would help me learn many new things/techniques which I cannot learn myself. I aspire to become an artist and contribute to the world of art.

People should vote for me because I have great ideas that I try to put on canvas but not able to justify the true thought behind my art. Despite of financial hindrances, I am very determined to learn and improve my skills. I have been donating my art work to charity organisations on a regular basis and would like to be able to do more of this in the future.

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