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Artwork by Orsy Ramos

Artwork by Orsy Ramos

In my heart the will and in my hands the means

Hello World,

My name is Orsy a student of life devoted to express his creative side to the world. Since I was young I had a great interest in the fine arts, choosing to draw my ideas with some adeptness one would say for the young age I was at the time. Drawing I observed was a visual activity where seeing the contours and the directions of light allowed one to replicate these conditions on paper which was key in allowing the recreation of the objects seen with some realism. I had no one to teach me at the time however so I sought material at school and the library to further improve my abilities.

I went through children drawing books and spent time inspecting and observing my compositions to see how the drawing came to appear similar to the observed objects I was recreating. I grew fond of visiting museums and exhibitions particularly with works from Renaissance Period and Baroque which are styles I admire and wish to emulate. Further in life I unfortunately could not dedicate as much time to art with the new responsibilities life brings. Schooling tends to have the creative arts take a back seat in it’s curriculum supporting more core requirements to spurn a student’s knowledge of subjects that they believed were more pertinent in life somewhat disregarding a student’s interest and strengths and in turn inhibiting curiosity.

In later years I felt my art skills dwindled as opposed to grow as one would assume would happen as one grows older and more capable. Regardless of what types of study however or what job opportunity I undertook I always had an inclination to take part in projects that took advantage of creativity. I never lost the drive to tap into my creative side and have a desire to have art undertake a larger role and asset in my day to day activities.

Now I again seek to continue furthering my ability and do the activity that brings me joy. I observe works created by the old masters which bring awe and amazement to me and I see your course makes use of such impressive styles and it greatly motivates me to aspire to be as great. In my ventures my intents was to create pieces as refined and inspiring as them but I’m hitting a rode block in my progress in reproducing true realistic drawings. I need to work on properly shading my images, designing the anatomy of the human body convincingly naturalistic, and perspective. I believe it has much to do with the fact that I never had any formal fine arts training why Iā€™m having a hard time. I didn’t take classes on the fundamentals and approached my compositions simply on what I could observe.

There is more to that in art where one needs to be able to use different techniques to mimic realism. Techniques for shading, positioning, perspective, the use of different materials, and even the concept of coming up with a theme are important skills I’m currently lacking and wish to learn more of. I have a propensity to draw compositions styled in a realistic and naturalistic fashion and believe this course is suitable to help me reach greater height in my drawing education. I want to win the Drawing Academy course to refine my abilities and find new approaches to tackle my creative obstacles.

I possess a constant will to keep learning believing it’s a journey one must enjoy and I continually do so in many facets of my life. The repetition in continually drawing is conducive to understanding and it’s something I enjoy so I don’t feel the activity to be laborious. So I possess the will what I seek is the means and what better way of learning than from trying to imitate the style and techniques of the great masters.

The Drawing Academy allows me to grow in skill so I can further improve my work. I wish to one day accomplish works in the style of the old masters and even further develop my own style if it’s stems from the techniques and approaches taught in the course. Modern art is nice and I understand past post impressionism, art took a path of expressing the inner thoughts of the artist as opposed to re-creating an illusion of nature and objects that are seen in one’s environment. However I believe a realistic style of drawing is creative and a way of representing one’s inner thoughts and creativity in it’s own right. One can both admire this form of art for it’s aesthetically pleasing qualities or one can compose a work that speaks to the masses with visual narratives. It’s that idea that a work can speak to the individual who view them differently and enrich their life serving as a means for developing dialog that brings me satisfaction. I want to be part of this movement and so I hope you vote for me. So I can put my ideas on paper, express myself, and share it with the masses.

Artwork by Orsy Ramos

Thank you all


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