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Artwork by Jim Thomas

I want to learn classical drawing techniques

I draw since I remember myself. My parents were very supportive and I always had some drawing materials at hand, but when time came to decide what career to have, for some reason I went for engineering, not art. 40 or so years forward, I’m still drawing from time to time and always on a look for some new art courses I could take.

I like traditional art, especially ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, if only I could draw something as good as they were able to create more than 2000 years ago! One year ago I visited Rome and felt in love with this magnificent city. I decided that I must learn classical drawing techniques to draw like masters that used to work in that city.

A few months ago I came across the Drawing Academy online course and immediately understood that this course has so much to offer. Every time I visit this website, I find something new to learn – perspective, anatomy, linear drawings, rendering methods, art history and many, many other things. All this is packed in one place and that is why I really want to win this art competition to become a member of the Drawing Academy course.

Here’s my drawing from imagination inspired by the old art. My wife says it is good, but I see how much I can learn and improve.

Artwork by Jim Thomas

Hopefully, with help of Drawing Academy tutors and lessons I’ll achieve my goals.

So please vote for me and help me to win this online drawing course!

Thank you

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  1. Jim Thomas says:

    It is sanguine and brown chalk on tinted paper. I used water to wash chalks that is why it looks like paint : )

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