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Artwork by Nancy Sanders

I am a retired lady of 74. I have six grandchildren who are all artistic inclined. My art has been part of my life early on, while sitting in a dinning room of my neighbors at the age 14 and following the directions of an illustrator from a local advertising agency. It was all new and exciting. I had no concept at that time what I was trying to accomplish. Fours years latter I was in college looking for electives, I took art history, and finally an art drawing and painting class.

After college I did not do anything with art, until late 1980’s when I started to decorative painting on wood, by reading and following directions in the craft books. I stopped painting for in 1995. After retiring in 2008 for the second time and moving to Fayetteville AR to be with family, I found The Art Location, a small art school teaching watercolor, drawing, acrylic and oil. I started by taking a watercolor class and then a drawing class. I followed with 4 more sessions of watercolor. I found a new medium, Alcohol Inks, which I love very much and take online courses to strength my art.

At present I am taking another pencil drawing course. It just amazes me what one can do with a pencil. That is why I would want more courses learning and challenging myself to be better.

Artwork by Nancy Sanders

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