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Artwork by Mano Bob

Hi there

I’m Mano Bob and I’m from Iran. I’m an interior architect, graphic, sculptor, painter…

For almost three decades not done anything due to some reasons. but I’m sure I would like to start again. Even my eyes don’t have the same sharpness and so my hands.

Drawing Academy inspired me to commence. Nowadays art is everything to me and my canvas is time machine to travel. It’s a big challenge and change in my mind and life. When I’m trying to get better result in my artwork I just feel lack of technical knowledge and don’t know how to achieve I want.

Drawing Academy is a great resource of information about art. Unfortunately I couldn’t enroll yet, anyhow I think I’m doing something right about now and I have to wait until the right time comes. And me and my art work together.

Artwork by Mano Bob

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