Artwork by Jessica Lane

Born to Create!

My life has come around full circle from childhood, back to an overwhelming passion for art and the need to create. Grade school art class introduced me to drawing when our assignment was to draw our dream house. From there, I learned from books and used reference photos. I even did some fashion drawings in the 6th grade! In college, I studied interior design where drafting, drawing and rendering were my favorite classes. Later, I studied graphic design and art history. I have changed careers several times, and even though they were in creative fields, my passions were not fulfilled as it is in drawing, painting and sculpture.

I do my best to be active in art daily, even if its only 30 minutes. I also watch videos or read articles every day to learn something new. My goal is to become a full time artist with works in oil and water color, sculpture, lighting, fashion and fabrics.

The biggest challenges I face are staying focused and finding access to quality instruction because I want to learn everything (right now, of course!), and I live in a rural area where art courses are not offered.

The Drawing Academy classes are professional, thorough and organized in a manner to keep a person on the right path. From sharpening a pencil to anatomy and perspective, these classes build a solid foundation for all fine arts.

I’d love to win the Drawing Academy course so I can begin building a better foundation. Drawing skills are a critical first step. After the drawing course, I will then take the Old Masters Painting course. While I don’t have a particular style I work in, it’s important to know traditional methods.

Your vote is much appreciated, and gives me great encouragement knowing I have support in the art community.

Artwork by Jessica Lane

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