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Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Story and artwork from Jaxson Phoenix

I am a self-taught artist and always searching for ways to improve my abilities. I have been drawing and painting on and off for the past thirty years, but have only recently become serious about it.

You see, art is my therapy. I struggle with bipolar II disorder and at times it makes it very hard to create. In periods of depression, I do not paint or draw anything. When I am manic, I can put out 5 to six pieces a day. The mania can also cause me to hate everything I complete and I might throw it away, destroy it. or paint over it. Art can be very calming for me most days and allow mw to focus on something else besides what is in my mind.

I would love to learn more about what brushes to use to get the best results, and how certain brushes can make certain shapes like3 flower petals and such. I would like to learn more about mixing paints and which ones make the best colors. I basically want to learn everything I can.

I think that Drawing Academy is a great opportunity for artists of all experience levels to improve their knowledge and skill sets. I hope that through the courses I can become a much better artist and gain more confidence in my abilities.

I want to win this course to allow me to grow as an artist. Being unemployed and disabled makes it challenging to pay for art supplies let alone classes. This would give me the opportunity I never had to learn about the skills and techniques I need to become the best artist I can be.

I would ask people to vote for me if the like my work, if they can see my potential, and they want to help a struggling artist to become his best self. I want to thank all of those who do vote for me and those who don’t for giving me consideration.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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