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Story and artwork from Vanessa Mah

I am Vanessa Mah from Malaysia. I love art and like to draw and paint since I was little. I think this is because I love nature. I enjoy sitting outside watching the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sky etc. and I see art everywhere and everything in life is an artwork for me. I believe that the nature’s beauty is also an evidence that God is the greatest artist. Not only that I enjoy the nature, I also want to draw these beautiful views on papers. Apart from that, art is also another way of communication where I can express my feeling or emotion through the lines and colors that I put on the papers.

The biggest challenge I have in art is that I find it hard to draw something from my imagination. Apart from that drawing human faces is also a challenge for me as each face is unique and it is hard to draw it accurately and perfectly. I want to learn the skill and techniques on how to draw something from imagination and to draw realistic portraits.

In 2020, I seriously considered to improve my drawing and painting skill. I started to search on YOUTUBE for some tutorials on how to draw properly and I have come across with Drawing Academy Channel where I have gained some useful knowledge on drawing and I found that their teaching is very professional and systematic. It is exactly what I am looking for and I have subscribed for their Youtube channel since then. I believe I can learn more to improve my drawing skill and technique through the courses conducted by the professional artists of Drawing Academy.

By voting for my drawing, you definitely will help me to develop my art and to make my art more interesting. It will definitely take my art to a higher level with the guidance from Drawing Academy’ professional artists and I look forward to join the Drawing Academy course in the near future.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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