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Art is my life

Art is my life

Story and artwork from Magno Massolino

My name is Magno, I am Brazilian and I am 48 years old. I am applying for a scholarship at Drawing Academy to improve my technique and finally carry out my life mission which is to express myself and live through my art. The following drawing is a study made using graphite of a work by the artist John Lawn.

Unlike most people who start in art at a very young age, I started drawing at the age of 35, I always loved fine arts, but I had never studied art. My passion became so great that it awakened my intense desire to live by art. I am graduated in Chemistry, but I do not work in this field anymore and after many years I realized that I made the wrong professional choice. I think I am not the exception in humanity to fell it.

My passion for art, the confidence in myself and in my potential were so great that I had the courage or madness to suddenly quit everything to follow my instinct. I fell that I have no choice but to succeed. I am committed to present to the public my best potential portraying the beauty in high quality artistic works.

However, in my artistic learning I chose a difficult path. I started to study by myself, I researched knowledge in books, distance learning courses and tutorials on the internet, studying Andrew Loomis and Geoge B. Bridgman books, art manuals from the FAS (Famous Artist Schools) school, designed by artists as Norman Rockwell and Albert Dorne, but I feel I have reached the limit of self learning and I need a tutor, someone to guide me the next step, and the course of Drawing Academy is the perfect fit for me and it will complement skill in arts.

I thank the artists Natilie Richy, Vladimir London, founders of the Drawing Academy school and all their staff for the generosity and humanity in opening the school doors through this contest for people who cannot afford the course. Thank you very much.

I ask the public to vote for my work to help me complete my path. I have a lot of potential and many ideas and inspirations. I am willing to express them, but currently I lack of technical knowledge that the course at Drawing Academy can provide. I need your vote!

Thank you very much!
Magno M. V.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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