Years Ago

Years Ago

Drawings by Laura Villa

2015-01-15_54b73242189c7_image.jpg Drawings by Laura Villa Drawings by Laura Villa

I always wanted to learn how to drawing but had hadn’t the opportunity until now. This are my first drawings, trying to learn some years ago. Today is my first day studying in the Drawing Academy course.

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  1. Andrea Kathleen Chaney says:

    Hi Laura , Like you I’ve always wanted to learn to draw , and never had the opportunity – until now :) This is my second month of being enrolled in the Drawing Academy, tho I am progressing at a slower pace and am working on first months lessons . Your drawings inspired me , as I’ve went back and found drawings that I -like you – had done years ago , and put away . I’m glad to know that there is someone else out there who has had the dream , and for whatever reason had to put it away , and now has the opportunity to pursue – at this wonderful place !!! Much happiness and encouragement to you from a fellow -likeminded-student !!!

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