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Woman with serious green eyes

Woman with serious green eyes

Artwork by Brighita Weinberg

Artwork by Brighita Weinberg

My name is Brighita Weinberg, I am 67 year old. I was a professional woman, now am retired. All my life I liked drawing and was fascinated with the works of art. Especially I enjoyed oil paintings of the old masters, their techniques and the way they connect to the viewer.

Most of my training is self taught, and now I am participating in more formal education .I am also using the internet as a source for my training.
The submitted painting is related the picture of my niece that is a solger in the Israeli army. Her gaze and determination attracted me to paint this picture.

I do believe that more formal training in the Drawing Academy will help me to advance in this field, and fulfill my dream to become an artist.

The Drawing Academy presents a vast area of courses.The presentations are complete and the teachers are very professional.

I am interested to learn many disciplines in art and painting, and become a better artist.

As a mature person my approach to art is serious, and I’m am eager to learn more and be exposed to various aspects of art.

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