Winter Landscape after Bruegel

Winter Landscape after Bruegel

Story from Emmanuel

My name’s Emmanuel, living in France. I love art since my younger age.

I often go to museum or exhibitions. I remember in 2009 or 2010, there was a exhibition of famous flemish masters in the Bruckenthal collection. The exhibition was held in the Jacquemard AndrĂ© hotel particulier which is a famous luxurious house in Paris. I saw for the first time the “winter landscape with skaters” painted by Bruegel in the 16th century. This picture was a mind blowing reveal to me. I felt so much in love with this picture that I decided to take serious art classes for making a copy for myself. This is what I post here : my copy of the Bruegel picture. This picture has a hidden meaning, behind the quiet winter scene where the villageois seems to have a funny life, there is a warning against the traps you may fall into. Look carrefuly the hole in the ice and beware not to fall inside, as well as the birds in the foreground may be trapped by the hatch. So the meaning here is life is fragile so beware. This is what is called a “memento mori” art form.

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