Dora, The Elegance of Motherhood

Dora, The Elegance of Motherhood

Story and artwork from Patrick Chijioke Ngoka

The question of “who am I” is an intriguing means of perceiving one’s inner thoughts and personality. If you were to ask anyone about me, they would most probably refer to me as a knowledgeable and innovative artist. A creative with a vast sense of imagination yet still well-rounded. A perception that I personally agree with when thinking of who I am.

I have always had a flare for both art and science, but art has always been the closest to my heart because of my creative background. I have worked on both traditional and digital pieces, as well as working in different fields, whether it be painting, comic/manga style, figure and hyperrealism, and much more. I am Nigerian and graduated with a bachelor of science in the United States. But even with that, I have always been drawing since I was a toddler. To me, art is a vital part of my being, the means of expressing who I am and the language I used to commune with my innermost thoughts and desires.

My current art challenge appears to be remembering certain foundational concepts that can take my pieces a long way if applied appropriately. Another challenge is the cost of traditional drawing material, which makes me want to shift to digital drawing. Even with that, it is also still difficult to get a hold of drawing material in my country Nigeria. Despite these inconveniences, I have been able to practice and improve on my artistic weaknesses issue using the traditional resources available, although digital ones would be less costly and more efficient.

I think the Drawing Academy is an outstanding place to learn not just fundamentals but techniques that professionals and even artists of old know but as shared scarcely. It is a place where both beginners and advanced artists can push themselves further to meet greater heights while in the convince of their homes or studio instead of having to travel to the other side of the world to attend a grossly expensive art school.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because it would help me improve drastically in the foundation challenges I have, as well as having a mentor who can help me identify bad habits. This will give me the opportunity to improve my artistic skill all from the comfort of my home.

I think I am worth voting for because I am someone who does their best to achieve their goals regardless of the situation or limited resources. I also believe that my art piece will speak for itself to showcase my skills using all that I have learned and practiced.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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