Windows of Life

Windows of Life

Story and artwork from Christopher Alaimo

My name is Chris.

I have been a professional musician for most of my life and somehow at 40, I became a sleep tech. At 56, playing instruments is difficult due to my living situation and a dislocated shoulder. So I took up art as a pastime and now it has become an obsession. Music has form and texture, light and shadow if you will.

Art is like frozen music to me. It would be nice, however, to learn the nuances of shading and composition. Also, anatomy and gesture; which would give life to my work. I am actually quite ignorant when it comes to fine art and there is a great hunger to learn all that I can.

It is very challenging for me to draw from memory and imagination, especially figures. I would like to have total control to put down ideas… to realize to vision in my mind.

Drawing Academy appears to be a fine resource to learn about art, given the amazing quality of the instructors that are here. Winning would be a great help given my financial situation, which is not stellar. If I can get more proficient, maybe it would be possible to sell some of my work? Why vote for me? Maybe just to give an old fellow a chance to pursue his dream of being a competent artist!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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