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Wild page

Story and artwork from Eaudene B. Canlas

Hi! I am a college student studying Social Studies. It is unpredictable for me to join in this competition with my course but I would place art as my TOTGA. The one that got away because I was about to pursue art but because of lack of opportunity and the needs of my family, I need to take a course that will help them.

Indeed, art is a luxury and precious course to keep and I still want to keep it even though it is too late for me. I want to learn the basics and the way the Russian Art Schools teach students because I saw in this drawing academy how they run things and make students the artists in the future. I totally see the difference between this academy and the western art schools. I saw what I really want to learn from Russian Art Schools or academies.

I am tired of just watching videos on youtube and I want to start what I really want professionally. I also joined the watercolor competition and I am totally grateful to be part of this competition too. Even though I am studying a different course, I want to start studying art professionally in this academy. I hope everyone votes for this piece because it magnifies what lacks from it and what is being maximized. I hope everyone sees my art!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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