Why to learn how to draw, my humble point of view

Why to learn how to draw, my humble point of view

Artwork by Rodrigo Leal

Why to learn how to draw

Since I was discarded from my job as a security systems engineer because i was over 54 (that is some kind of trend on not just a few European schools of management…), I devoted myself to what looked to be to me an hidden passion for painting.

Now, almost seven years of a self-taught oil painting path, not yet fulfilled as far as I am concerned about what I think is correct and pleasant to my eyes, I reached a point where everything drove to that point where the lack of minimum drawing skills and hard work on what looks to be the fundamental basis of all art stands as a must goal.

I tried hard to sketch, draw, copy from any medium whatsoever, for hours and hours of hard work, but my inability to get at least reasonable forms, proportions, likeness of what I try to redraw is driving me completely frustrated and crazy.

If not my endless will of stepping over it, I would have quit before. But because of that passion for it, I did not and I will not.

Having tried a lot of things, I arrived to the Web and Drawing Art Academies, and it could be possible that with your help I might reached a point of knowledge and skill that satisfies me enough to go on and follow my own path.

The photo of my incomplete try to copy one of Rembrandt´s self-portrait, taken more then one year ago, which in fact has changed a lot since then with layers and layers of ink with the goal of arriving to a more realistic copy of it, is a proof of my inabilities. It is well said by many that trying to copy other´s works is a good practice, and should be done as a means to reach to a skill. I have tried it, from da Vinci and Rembrandt´s self-portraits to more common pictures of normal people of our present. No success at all.

Draw, sketch, anatomy, forms shadowing – I know that I need some guidance. Maybe I can get it from you.


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  1. Raquel says:

    Having had the chance to follow his work since the beginning, It is with great pleasure that I see how much it has evolved.

    Such an astounding evolution from a ‘self made artist’… Just in a step from the excellence!

    • Rodrigo Leal says:

      Thank you very much Raquel, for your very kind and well appreciated words.
      It has been tough so far. And this can be another step indeed to go further beyond where I am standing right now.

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