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What music taught me in order to make art

What music taught me in order to make art

Drawing by Angelica Ozuna

My name is Angelica and Im from Mexico city. I study music, I want to be a professional violinist.

Art has been in my life in different ways. When I was little I loved dancing. As time passed by, I remember watching drawings from my classmates and I used to think I didn’t have the talent they had. I always tried to draw something but every time I took the pencil and the white paper, I was getting upset that I couldn’t draw the ideas that came to my mind as I wanted. I didn’t trust in my creativity so I gave up. Then I grew up and learnt that if you really want to be what you want you just have to work for it, you don’t need talent, you just need to study and understand the technique in order to experiment or play with your imagination. I learnt that from my passion to music.

Since I started to play the violin I realised it is a difficult challenge, to say something through music, to make art with it. I have realised that if I am confident with my technique, then I can express whatever I want with the piece and it becomes a wonderful experience. So drawing has become an amazing complement for my career.

Some months ago, when I discovered the Drawing Academy course and watched all the explanations in youtube, I agreed and understood the reasons of every method and technique and made me want to take it.

I want to get better in all these aspects drawing is involved. I can see Drawing Academy as an opportunity to make progress giving me the tools with a guidance that shows up my mistakes and how I can be improving.

I want to win because I know what I can be able to do and how I have made progress in art and it would amazing if people vote for me because it is a great opportunity to continue learning in an online course that I can take without worrying about money and time I can spend in my chaotic city.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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