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Wannabe artist starving for more art education

Wannabe artist starving for more art education

Artwork by Priska Flandorfer

Artwork by Priska Flandorfer

I’m a freelance artist located in Vienna, Austria. I’m interested in art since my teenage years but due to my lack of self-confidence back these days, I never dared to believe I could draw.

I never met one of my two grandmothers, they were dead before I was born. From one of them I own some of her drawings and paintings. She mastered both these forms of art and I thought, why not try it too. Although I never met her, I can now connect with her by knowing how it is to learn such a wonderful skill.

So I took a good book from Barrington Barber and began to seriously start learning to draw. Anyone who tries something new, knows that only persistence is the key to success. I made progress and had a lot of fun while drawing.

Until now I have drawn portraits and some landscapes/flowers, with portraits of people being my most beloved subject. However, I think I have to improve a lot more.

Thus think the Drawing Academy is a very good online possibility of learning and expanding my skills.

I want to win the Drawing Academy Course to gain much more knowledge about classical drawing and refine my skills.

Art is my passion. It’s what I want to do all my life. So please vote for me to give me the opportunity to strengthen my skills!

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