The shepherd and the dancer

The shepherd and the dancer

Artwork by Lucian HRAB

I am not a professional artist. I only have this hobby since my childhood and in this way I spent some hours. I left it completely for few years and without any explanation the flame just rebirth this year.

Since, I was searching on internet for some interesting materials in order to help me to learn good drawing habits in the proper way. I finally found this site and was impressed by the quality of this course. You are doing a very good job!

I already can thank you for the free lessons, which I enjoyed very much and I even applied some techniques I’ve seen (lesson 44) in this drawing.

This artwork was made for my dearest friends and the characters are of course their children. Beautiful children!

It was a pleasure to draw it and I am letting you jugging the result. I am happy to have the opportunity to learn from your experience.

The shepherd and the dancer

Thank you!

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  1. Lucian says:

    Andreea ,far far away from great :) . Thank you for your support! Yes, the characters are special ( I mean in the real life :) )!!!

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