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The Life of Art

The Life of Art

Artwork by Chuck Gilliam

During close to half a century as a graphic designer and professional illustrator I have worked to define my art. Being an artist offers me a way to show the beauty that is all around us. To show the uniqueness of individuals. To show the magic that is in the world around us – in the animals, flowers, mountains, seas and plains, all of Mother Nature. All of these persons/elements represent the greatness of the creations of a Heavenly Father. So, these creations offer themselves to an artist to portray. The desire to create images of these wonders are what drives an individual to choose the path of an artist.

I recognize that what the Drawing Academy offers would allow me to grow in my execution of my paintings, and with a much better understanding of all the elements that create better drawing, painting my work would only get better. And I hope that those judging my work will see where I am at and recognize my desire to continue to learn and grow in my art execution.

The paint attached is called “Good Smoke, Warm Coat.” You did not indicate that you wanted to know the medium used but in case you do, I used colored pencils to execute this painting.



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