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The Lady With No Name

The Lady With No Name

Drawing by Denise Webster

I am inspired by art and architecture and the people who created and designed them. I am fascinated on how things are built and how they work.

I am currently work as a live in carer and I also help my friend who has with cerebral palsy. There are times where I have free time to learn new things when I am not needed. I use the internet to help me gain new knowledge and skills. I have learned to brew beer and dismantle/build/troubleshoot problems concerning motorcycle engines.

I want to learn art so I can give my work to the people I look after so if they have something sentimental/meaningful to them, I hope my drawings can give them a reason to smile.

When I feel stressed, I start drawing. I use art as a kind of therapy. Something to be proud of when I feel the piece has been completed. When I get upset my mind is very scrambled, I don’t make much sense. It’s hard to explain. As in therapy, I try and see the basic shapes and building blocks of the subject I feel drawn to. Eventually my mind declutters and sometimes I am proud of the finished product and I see the bigger picture.

The girl with no name was a piece I drew when a friend of mine passed away. There was a lady in a coffee shop I was drawn towards, unfortunately I couldn’t remember all her features so she doesn’t look like the finished portrait but nevertheless, I feel proud of it.

Because my mind gets scrambled and I am a beginner, I have to focus which means studying the subject for a period of time to find a starting point. it can be hard for me decide what strokes to use and what kind of shading and where shading should be to turn the work from 2d to 3d form.

I would like to overcome my challenges but also learn how to use proportion, colour and blend correctly (long/short shadows) I also want to put clothing on my portraits!

The Drawing Academy allows me to learn about techniques from the masters. Seeing things from other perspectives and applying different applications to enhance the way I currently draw pictures. I can learn from you, even if I can make more improvements to the picture submitted. I saw the drawing academy online and wanted to learn step by step by people in the know and people I can connect to.

I think I can grow with this course. I need extra guidance from teachers. I have never attended art college or have art GCSE so I’ll be nice to have someone teach me “how to draw”.

I picked up a pencil just over a year ago. I am proud of “the lady with no name”. I posted this picture on facebook and got some positive response. Therefore I can conclude by saying; “I believe anyone can draw if they put their heart into it.”

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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