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The forever king

The forever king

Story and artwork from Weird Zesty

Precious Anih is the birth name, weird zesty is what Art calls me. Art is for me a means of communication with the supernatural. I commune with God through the realms of hue, shapes and values. I am a Christian incase you’re wondering.

No one has 100% mastered art. This is why I want to keep practicing and communing with the spirits to help me level up. Growth is my motto.

Do I have to win to help you understand that art, spirituality and growth can harmoniously exist? NO, but wouldn’t it feel good to win?

Have you ever read a book and yes the author is skilled in painting images with words but you still want to see with your physical eyes the images the author painted with words? I am your guy and just incase you wonder, why should I pay any attention to this pozo, my entry piece is from DANIEL 7:13 and if my work doesn’t do the words justice, you can STILL VOTE FOR ME cus Duuuh.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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