The Face Tells A Story

The Face Tells A Story

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

My name is Charles Gilliam, but everyone calls me “Chuck.” I grew up in the Air Force. We averaged moving every 26 months. While that might sound rough I loved it. New people, new places, new things to see and experience. It was a great life, for me. And through it all, art held a special place for me. My Mom and Dad supported my art endeavors, providing me with the materials I needed to create images of the places we went and the people we saw.

All through my years I have sought to learn how to draw and paint. I studied under different art instructors (went to 4 different colleges just to learn from another art instructor), studied many of the old masters up to some of the major American illustrators. Always striving to better myself as an artist. But most of the time I tell people that I am an Illustrator because I want my work to inspire a story in the individual who looks at my work. I want them to write their own story when they see a landscape, or see the individual in my painting. This has always been my goal when I drew or painted.

Based on all that I have seen regarding the Drawing Academy I know that I could learn so much more and that my artist skills would be so enhanced. Their perspective and style of teaching would only add to what I know and help me to grow as an artist.

I hope that as people look at the piece I have submitted for this competition they will see the old cowboy and write their own story about him. As they look at him they wonder what kind of life did he live, what kind of stories might he tell if they could sit down with him and have a couple of beers. That is why I painted his picture because he DID have great stories to tell. And so, with all this in mind I hope that all who look at the piece would see an artist who would greatly benefit from their vote.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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