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The Beauty, Importance and Value of the Nature

The Beauty, Importance and Value of the Nature

Story and artwork from Petra Andersson

I’m from Germany and I have been drawing since childhood. But always only intuitive and always with big breaks because it is difficult for me to stabilize and keep my motivation all by myself and my own. And if you teach yourself self-taught to draw a lot goes wrong and many mistakes happen because you are not corrected. I have read a lot or watched it on YouTube. I was not allowed to complete an academic education for various reasons. In my family art is not attributed much importance and so I always found myself alone with the topic. I also couldn’t learn so much in terms of art history. In the meantime I have even really tried to turn me back on art but the pull of drawing is far too strong. So I can’t escape it. I am fascinated by the old master techniques and have a great longing to give my art a foundation and not to leave the structure of my drawings to chance. I firmly believe that this is absolutely part of it in order to be able to make good art. I have always liked drawings and paintings from the 15/16th century more than modern art. I would like to bring the principles of the old masters into the new world of art. In this day and age, the belief seems to arise that learning a drawing technique is no longer necessary and many want to free themselves from the effort to learn it. You choose the faster way. My ambition has always been to understand and take things with me in their basic form. I feel like I found this offer in the Drawing Academy. I believe I can complete a good education here. I would like to present flowers and songbirds in my own way. I submitted a juniper choke. A bird that I was allowed to observe in our garden 2 winters ago. I drew it with colored pencils. People could vote for my Drawing remembering the Beauty, Importance and Value of the Nature

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