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The accident of my future

The accident of my future

Artwork by Dave Luckett

The accident of my future

I am a no one. A nobody. In the late 80s my life was dealt some hard turns. As a result to that I dropped out of school. I was an artist and although I began to sell work even fresh out of school. I had to abandon my art to feed myself working odd jobs with hard manual labor.

After decades of neglect to my hands, my ability to draw was beginning to run away from me. My hands were meant for art. Not for hammers and chisels. So after a short while my hands would force me into truck driving.

After more than a decade of driving truck, my hands began to heal. With it my art began to soar. I started drawing and sketching on my steering wheel while I was unloading. Soon, I would put all I had back into art again. Not by choice. But by an accident from another truck driver.

I was hit by another truck driver on 5/24/13 at which point my right hand was detached from my arm and slipped underneath it. My hand was there for 90 days due to a bad surgeon. From this point. The only thing I can do is Sketch. It is my work. It is my hobby, and now my life. If I had never ignored my call and used my art work from the beginning I would of maybe never been in that accident.

Now, I try really hard to sell my art work. I am basically self taught, and am very passionate about it. I do at least a sketch a day for the most part, while working on larger sketches that I sell if I am fortunate. I don’t press my art to hard on people. I figure if they love it enough, they wont live without it. So far, there are plenty of people living without it and I want and need what ever edge I am missing.

Daily I am in horrific pain. I have had 5 surgeries and there are threats tat I will need more. Outside of art. I have no clue what I could ever do for a living again.

The sketch I sent you is from last year. I gave it to a little girl. I am working on something, I guess it will be my masterpiece. I spend anywhere from an hour on small sketches, to 50 hours on sketches like I am working on now. I have not the funds for the classes. I am living on nothing right now. I sit all day and night sketching in hopes that someone will buy something. I think I need more skill. I don’t know.

My wife is very sick and has some really bad health problems. So making it with my art would really help us. I do not want to be like everyone else. I want to be much much more than any artist that is, or will ever be. I put messages in most of my art. Messages that must be looked at deeply to be seen. My present piece will have a greater story line than anything I have ever done.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am 45, and no. I never went back and got my GED. I am so hungry for my art, the GED book sits 5 ft away from me, while my sketch boards (homemade) get worn out.

Dave Luckett

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