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Story by John Calvo Barillas

Story by John Calvo Barillas

A voice for the soul

To start describing me, I should say that I’m 24 years old, I’m from Costa Rica, and currently I’m majoring at Dentistry with a full scholarship thanks God.

It is ironically hard to write about oneself but if I had to put it into words I would say that since I was a kid I have always been the kind of person who is very serious and passionate about the things I like and that I work very hard to accomplish my goals.

I’m also a very sensitive person, which sometimes can be a both a blessing and a curse, by that I mean it is an amazing and unique way to experience the world around but from time to time it can be overwhelming.

I also have always loved and cared too much about the earth and all living creatures.

Since a very young age I tried to find a hobby but I never could because everything I tried out rather than a hobby felt like an obligation and ended up being frustrating, that was until I found art, to be more specific painting in canvas. Art is more that just a hobby, it is a way to express myself, what I like, what catches my eye and takes my breath away and by doing so I fulfill my soul.

I recently started painting on canvas, I’m an amateur painter and so far have only done it with acrylic paintings, so evidently I face so many challenges in the field of art, but to make it more specific I would say that I would like to learn how to draw better and how to do paintings with oil on canvas.

I want to win this art course because art has just become and important part of my life, it inspires me, it calms me down, it gives me joy and I can perfectly see myself going deeper and deeper in this matter and when I do that, I want to do it right, that is why this membership would be so helpful for me.

Story by John Calvo Barillas

It would mean the world for me if people would vote on my favor because as I said before art is not just a hobby, it has become a very important part of my persona. I mentioned before two key aspects of myself, that I’m very sensitive and that art helps me express myself, something that has always been difficult for me and maybe that is why it became such and important thing in my life, because it has become a way to chanalize me out into the world, it has given me a voice of some sort, a voice for my soul. you don´t have to vote for me, but if you would, for sure you would be making someone very happy.

Thanks to all who will read and vote, art is very important, let’s keep passing it on.

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