Story and drawing by Danielle Hebert

Story and drawing by Danielle Hebert

Running With The Horses

I am a bit of an adventuress. Born in Quebec, Canada then in my early twenties moved to British Columbia. There I played music, did graph two year solo motorcycle journey across the North American roads. In 2013, following my muse, I ended up in Istanbul, Turkey where I have been since, living as an artist, musician and translator.

Art always had a huge place in my life, my mother painted and played piano and flute and there was always the classics; Beethoven, Chopin, Miles Davis or Manitas de Plata wafting through the air. I loved drawing, my schoolbooks were littered with drawings, mainly horses, that was my passion. So I grew up drawing, writing, playing guitar and riding horses.

My challenges in art are to gain formal knowledge and skills so to improve the quality of my work and to improve my ability to express this universe and the universe inside my mind via drawing. I am self taught and at times I get stuck doing the same thing too long instead of challenging myself with new difficulties with proven methodology and I don’t have basic correct technique.

In art I wish to learn the tried, tested and true techniques of the masters. I started to do the Bargue drawings on my own and could really get an insight as to how masterful these techniques are, in them is the accumulation of centuries of practice and mastery and deep understanding of the elements of the art of drawing.

Story and drawing by Danielle Hebert

I found the Drawing Academy through Internet searches for art education, there are many, many offerings on the Internet but I found a lot of them to be the “cake mix” of art, it gives you a taste but you cannot fully comprehend the whole process, so you are left with holes in your education. The Drawing Academy seems to go deep and long and with purpose and that is what I wish for; learn the absolute, correct, traditional basics that will allow me to expand my ability to express the world through drawing.

I am living in Turkey where the currency is now 4 to 1 and making a living from art and music at the moment does not allow me to buy this course. I feel deeply that taking this course will definitely put me on a road to dramatically improve the quality of my artistic output and that would in turn improve my income. Winning this course would fulfill this dream of attending art school, getting that knowledge and abilities I really wish for and to give me a tremendous foundation for the works I have waiting in my imagination.

Why should people vote for me? Because their votes and the course would not be wasted, I would dive into this course with my heart and soul and with all my energies. I believe in my basic abilities and my capacity to create, learn, improve and then give back in the form of enhanced creativity and knowledge.

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  1. trompetaiguana says:

    Danielle’s art is amazing. She’s pouring her whole heart into it. I would love for her to win this contest!!!!!!

  2. Roca Music & Art says:

    Art makes can help us reflect on ourselves, on the world and on our place in it.
    Danielle has been inspiring that reflection in her music and now her art.
    I’ve witnessed her drive and passion and creativity.
    You would not find a more worthy recipient.
    Robert + Cailin

  3. Forrest says:

    This is gorgeous work and a wonderful background you’ve written, Danielle! You are a natural at drawing and sculpting. And I’d love to see you win this course and move even further forward!

  4. Julie Ali says:

    Danielle Hebert is a beautiful soul and this shows in everything she does. I would say she deserves to take her talent to a high level through the art course. Please let her win this contest folks.

  5. Sean says:

    Peace ? Love ❤️and Light ? Danielle, your drawings are amazing, your music ? is inspiring and I can’t wait to see and hear more of your talent. I’d love to commission you to get the art expanded on my back.

  6. Lisa says:

    Instinctive with perseverance
    Has luminous creative spark always looking to unearth truth
    Think this unique perspective needs to bloom!

  7. Dino says:

    Ironically, she’s good enough that I don’t think she needs the course. Just saying. .. that being said, let her have the course.

  8. Sandrine says:

    Danielle is one of the most amazing person I ever met! I really hope she will be the winner because she needs an award and deserves it!

  9. Kee Chua says:

    I feel Danielle’s art is very authethic and unique at first glance. I really like this kind of art with a personality!

  10. Susan says:

    Danielle is a unique individual, who deserves everything good life can offer, including a drawing course. Huge talent, this one! And a special person, even through my limited contact with her that has been very very clear to me.

  11. Christiane says:

    Danielle deserves to win! not only because she is a very talented and complete artist but because she is one of those humans who make the world a better place!

  12. Anne D. says:

    Danielle is resilient, driven, wonderfully gifted (in music, writing, the arts and more), and inspiring. I am certain that she fully deserves this gift and that she would continue to build on the received teaching well after the course is over.

  13. Jean GD says:

    — Le cheval est un thème de prédilection chez toi, ta musique et tes dessins en ont la force et le courage. Toujours la course vers l’avant, l’avenir, ce qui surgit ! Merci !

  14. MissMargaret says:

    Since we met many years ago and spoke for just a little bit I knew i had just met someone amazing……someone with talent and a special joy for life and the special people in it.

  15. Mike Adams says:

    Danielle has accomplished so much in many forms of art (music, sculpting, photography, etc.). She’ll do amazing things with what she learns in this course.

  16. says:

    I have known Danielle for over twenty years. She is a true talented artist. She puts her heart and soul in every project she endeavours. It is inspiring to witness her creative journey.

  17. J. M. says:

    Danielle, this is for you!! You are so talented and committed I believe that this could help in many ways! All the best.


  18. Elizabeth Lozano says:

    Danielle is one of the most inspirational, motivating individuals I’ve ever met. Being in her presence is unforgettable and her art, whether its music or illustration, speaks to one’s soul and fires up something special inside. Danielle gets my vote every time!!

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