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Still life with onion bulbs

Still life with onion bulbs

Story and artwork from Alexander Zyuzin

Hi, my name is Alexander.

As probably most of the participants in the competition, I have been drawing since childhood. My parents wanted me to become an engineer and under their influence I got an education in IT and worked for a long time as a software engener and systems analyst, but all my life I tried to draw. Unfortunately until recently I did not have the opportunity to devote enough time to drawing. About a year ago, I decided to take up drawing seriously and paint every day. Of course, there were breaks from time to time, but on the whole I coped with it and I started to get work that I was happy with.

Currently drawing is a hobby for me, but in the future I would like to become a professional artist.

My challenge in drawing is not the drawing itself, I want do much more than just portray group of objects, but I want to convey my passion and vision with others. I want to be able to express my feelings through my work.

I would like to learn how to paint portraits, convey the beauty of human faces, the wealth of emotions. When I work on a landscape or still life, I always keep in mind the ultimate goal – a portrait

I found the Drawing Academy site by accident when I was looking for a guide to drawing a human head and found a great free tutorial on this topic on the site, from which I extracted a lot of useful information. I signed up for the Drawing Academy mailing list and was pleasantly surprised by the content of the emails I received. In almost every one provided me a good advice, which I try to apply in my work. I didn’t sign up for the Drawing Academy courses because I cannot afford it right now, but what I saw on free pages convinces me that taking the course would be very useful for me.

I want to win the Drawing Academy course because I am sure that taking the course would help me grow significantly as an artist.

I don’t think there are any special reasons to vote for me, but every vote given for my work will be an additional incentive in my studies. After all, everyone wants to hear a kind word addressed to him.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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